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Here's what others are saying about Erin L. McCreary's Guide "7 Steps Every Smart Parent Should Take!"

Your Guide is very easy to understand and you broke down complex terms so that the average person can understand the basics of estate planning. I think that many people feel that estate planning is only for the very wealthy, but the Guide shows that every parent should have an estate plan in place; and it makes it clear that estate planning is not limited to the rich and famous.
Danielle Williams, Bonita, CA

This is really well done and so personal, down to earth and user friendly!
Lucy Von Buttlar, San Diego, CA

This is a great piece! It's very logical and easy to read and you touched on
M.K., Carlsbad, CA

I'm so glad I read this Guide. For me, it really hit home that I need to take more of an active role in planning for my children's financial security.
Nicole Drepanos, Carlsbad, CA

I went thru '7 Steps Every Smart Parent Should Take' and loved it! I think it is very appropriate for all parents. I sure picked up a couple of good ideas.
Robert Tavano, Escondido, CA

I think this is an extremely valuable and resourceful guide. I learned quite a bit from it (and I'm a lawyer!)
Sue Leonard, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

We don't want to wait for a tragedy before we think about doing something. We want to be prepared for when an unexpected event occurs. Without this Guide, we would have probably continued to delay. Thank you for getting us on track
The Yin Family, Del Mar, CA